With the #PassTheLoveBack campaign, community soccer teams can create sponsorship pages and earn custom apparel, including uniforms, t-shirts and warm-up gear.  #IC #ad

This post was sponsored by Mondelez International as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my review. #PassTheLoveBack #IC My kids have always been involved in sports. David started in soccer when he was 5, and since then has played football, baseball, basketball, and now his favorite sport is lacrosse. Connor has also been on teams for all those sports, but his main love is running. {I have no idea where… Read more »

This cake might look fancy, but it started as a boxed cake mix and requires almost no baking ability! #WayfairCakeOff

I seem to be on a bit of a strawberry kick this week, but in my personal opinion, you can never have too many strawberries in your life. Or cake. Or cheesecake. Or, in this case, Strawberry Cheesecake Cake. So when I was asked to be a part of The Great Wayfair Cake Off and I was told that my cake had to include fresh fruit, my thoughts immediately went to strawberries, and then to cheesecake. And then to Strawberry… Read more »

You won't believe how easy it is to make delicious, creamy ice cream with no ice cream maker! Just mix everything together and freeze!

Remember last week when I shared the recipe for Creamsicle Pie? I said that that fail inspired an even more amazing dessert that I would share soon. Well, it’s your lucky day, people. I bring you: No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream. Yeah. The creamiest, most delicious ice cream you’ve ever had — no ice cream maker, salt, mixing, shaking, nothing. Just mix it all together, stick it in the freezer and wait.  The waiting is the hardest part. By far. I… Read more »

This collection of t-shirt refashions is amazing. I can't believe some of these started off as t-shirts!

The other day, I was checking out my blog analytics, and I decided to see what my all-time most popular post was. I was a little surprised to see that it was this one, a round-up of 10 different t-shirt refashion tutorials. And here’s the funny thing: #2 is this tutorial on how to make t-shirt yarn, and #5 was my second round-up of t-shirt tutorials. Something tells me that you guys like messing with t-shirts!  So I decided to give… Read more »

Slow Cooker Cheesy Artichoke Dip

I think it’s funny that a lot of people think of the slow cooker as mostly a winter appliance. I’ll admit, that’s when we usually use it — for heavy, comfort foods like stews and casseroles. But slow cookers are fantastic once the weather starts getting warmer. I mean, who likes heating up their kitchen if it’s not completely necessary? And it’s also incredible for party prep. If I can get stuff ready for a party or get-together before the… Read more »

This 5-ingredient Creamsicle Pie tastes exactly like a favorite frozen treat from your childhood! Super easy, super delicious -- my kind of recipe!

You know what I love? When a recipes doesn’t work out like you planned it, but it totally doesn’t matter because it ends up being just as good if not better.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t usually happen to me. Usually, when I have a recipe fail, it’s a disaster of epic proportions, not unlike the oops-I-used-peppermint-extract-instead-of-vanilla-in-my-pumpkin-creme-brûlée-on-Thanksgiving incident of 2004 {I blame that one on pregnancy brain} or the more recent 2015 Poop Emoji Cupcake-gate {that one was… Read more »


Hey, everyone! I am so excited to be back at home. I went to Nashville for the weekend {um, most fun city EV-ER, by the way. If you haven’t gone, you need to, stat}, and had a nightmare of a time getting home. I ended up having to stay an extra day and drive 3 hours home from DC instead of flying straight into State College, which was awesome. And then I found a tick on Mason’s leg this morning,… Read more »

These cinnamon chocolate chip blondies are an easy, delicious alternative to chocolate chip cookies! #ChocolateHistory #IC #ad

This post and the recipe for Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Blondies were sponsored by American Heritage Chocolate as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary product to facilitate my review. #ChocolateHistory #IC I have been on a bit of a blondie kick lately. As we’ve already established, I am one of the laziest people ever, so whenever I can find a quicker and/or easier way to do something, I am all over it.  Case in point: chocolate… Read more »

This is an amazing list of dog toys and chews for aggressive chewers. My dog destroys everything, but these ones really last!

This post contains affiliate links About a year ago, I did a post where I talked about Fletcher’s favorite toys and chews. It’s become one of my most popular posts, but I noticed that now that he’s gotten bigger {he’s right about 80 pounds now!}, there are quite a few changes in what he can play with and chew but not destroy. I updated that post, but I also wanted to do another post on which toys and chews he… Read more »

peanut butter cup protein shake

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. #NatureMade #IC So, how’s everyone doing on your new year’s resolutions?? Yeah… you probably forgot about those, huh? I think most people are so gung ho about them around the beginning of the year, saying things like “THIS IS THE YEAR! I’m going to keep them no matter what!” and then two weeks later, they’re like, “Uh… what now? Yeah, I never said… Read more »

These basketball Oreo pops are the cutest, and so easy to make!

March Madness. There’s been a little more madness than usual this year, and my brackets were shot straight to hell on Day #3. {Thanks, Michigan State!} But it’s still exciting. Now, I don’t know about what happens in your family, but my boys go a tad bit bananas for the tournament. We do a family bracket pool, and David has done no fewer than 8 brackets. Yes, 8. So I try to do something fun for them every year. Last year, I… Read more »

It's hard to believe these bangles are made with thrift-store bracelets and washi tape. You can make them in just minutes!

So if you read this blog with any regularity {and if you don’t, you should!}, you know about my obsession with fun holidays. Like National Corn Chip Day, National Penuche Fudge Day, National Pretzel Day, and National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  Well, I just found out that March is National Craft Month, and I am all over that. Because, clearly, I loves me some DIYing.  Then, my fabulous friends at Wayfair reached out and challenged me to take my very first… Read more »

This is such an amazing collection of the cutest Easter treats I've ever seen! I will never be able to choose just one to make!

So this post was supposed to be up on Monday, but a 102+ degree fever for my little Mase Train for the past 4 days has derailed a few of my plans, and made snuggling in a recliner for hours at a time my #1 priority. But he’s finally feeling a little bit better today {as evidenced by this}, so I’m back at it while he watches Star Wars. I think one of the reasons I love holidays so much… Read more »

The Ultimate Peanut Butter Recipe Collection: 60 mouth-watering recipes that contain peanut butter. There are both sweet and savory recipes, as well as a few recipes for dogs too!!

So remember last summer when I decided to take a little step back from the blog so that I could figure out what exactly I wanted to do? And I promised that I would be back? Well, guess what. I’m back, baby!! After a long break, during which I tried out some different things and went through a whole boatload of personal stuff, some good, some not-so-good, I realized that what I really want to do, like if I didn’t… Read more »

Creating a gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape shouldn't be stressful -- this one is quick, easy and beautiful, and cost next to nothing to put together.

Ok, so Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Whaaa?? How the heck did THAT happen?? New year’s was seriously just a few weeks ago, wasn’t it?? But regardless of how insanely fast this year is going, Thanksgiving is next week, and I haven’t really done a whole lot of planning yet. It’s going to be a bit different this year, because it is just going to be the five of us. We’ve never had a Thanksgiving like that before, so… Read more »

Learn how to create an emergency kit for your car that's stocked with medicine, first aid items, hand sanitizer, Water Wipes baby wipes and more! What a great idea! #WaterWipes #IC #ad

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Hey, everyone! It’s been a loooong time. Hope you’ve been hanging in with me while I worked out what the heck I’m doing. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my new blog up and running, and we’ve been spending a fair amount of time in the emergency room and at urgent care. Yeah. Love my… Read more »

Get kids outside and playing, instead of in the house on electronics! #outtoplay

This post was sponsored on behalf of CLIF Kid via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. #outtoplay Ok, somehow, summer is pretty much over. My boys go back to school on Monday, and I know a lot of kids around the country have already gone back. How has this happened?? I swear Mason and I just ambushed them with squirt guns and sponge bombs when they got off the bus on their last day of school!  Ugh. So… Read more »

Use a variety of Smucker's ice cream toppings to create a fun ice cream sundae party! #SundaeFundae #ad

Thank you to Smucker’s for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Last week, my kids went to my parents’ house for a few days. I’m not going to lie, it was crazy awesome. I got so much done in preparation for our trip to the shore, and it was lovely to have a few days of quiet. But I’ll admit, as much as I loved the peace, I really did miss those turkeys. The quiet… Read more »

Sometimes you have to step back to see your true vision.

So, here’s the thing. For whatever reason, I’m experiencing blog exhaustion. I know that sounds weird when I haven’t actually been posting a whole lot, but I’ve gotten myself into a vicious cycle of stress. I start to worry about not posting, and the more I worry about not posting, the less I post.  The other day, I saw this quote, and it really resonated with me.   So that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking a step back from the… Read more »


I grew up with dogs. When I was born, we had a huge German Shepard named Wotan. People who would come to the house would be utterly horrified that my parents would let me anywhere near him because he was so big, but he was amazing with me. He let me pet him, poke around his teeth, and grab his ears — the only time he ever got upset was if I went near his eyes, and even then he… Read more »