13 Totally Adorable Father’s Day Ideas

Remember back around Mother’s Day, when I said that I always have big plans for the holidays, but they never pan out? Yeah. Well. On a totally unrelated note, Father’s Day is coming up. Ahem…

13 Totally Adorable Father's Day Ideas - Endlessly Inspired

In case you haven’t gotten anything together for Father’s Day yet {completely unlike me, of course}, I’ve compiled a list of some of my very favorite Father’s Day DIY crafts and gifts. Inspiration is bound to strike you from one of these, but if it doesn’t, you can find lots more ideas on my Father’s Day Pinterest board. {And, if you’re interested in playing a fun drinking game, drink every time I say “cute” or “love.” I might want to invest in a thesaurus…}

We did this book last year, and it was ridiculously cute. My favorites were “For work, he: mulches” {David}, “For work he: cooks” {Connor}. Yeah, so… neither one of those. But it was funny to see what they think. And it was pretty darn sweet when David said “It makes me happy when he: says I’m his best buddy” and when Connor said “It makes me happy when he: hugs me.”

We did a similar photo for Dave’s parents when D was a baby, but we had him holding the letters P-S-U. I love the idea of doing D-A-D, and now that we have 3 kids, this would be a cute photo gift.

Another insanely sweet photo collage.

I’ve seen this idea of putting treats in a pop-top can before, and I love it. Such an easy, clever thing to do!

I’ve seen tons of Scrabble tile art before, but I’ve never had the idea to put messages to Dad on pictures. Love.

What a cute way to give golf tees!

I love the idea of having kids decorate a note paper cube — and if you have multiple kids, you can have them each do a side!

That Martha Stewart. She’s so darn clever. How cute is this idea of giving Dad a “date”? I think it’s a great idea for dads {and moms} to have some special one-on-one time with their kids, so why not have them come up with an idea of what they’d like to do with Dad for a special time?

The tutorial for this adorable “We love you to pieces” gift even includes a free printable!

Combine this cute idea with these fun printables and you have an adorably sweet gift that Dad will love!

I love this idea of a dry-erase message board. What Dad wouldn’t want a daily reminder of his awesomeness?

Give Dad or Grandpa a basket full of things that remind you {and your kids} of them. Seeing what ideas the kids come up with will definitely be the best part!

Print out this free questionnaire and let your kids fill in their answers. My kids always do these in school around Mother’s Day, and they are always hilarious. My favorite answers were when David said “My mom makes the best: Meatballs” {I have never once in my life made a meatball. Touching raw meet skeeves me out.} and Connor said “My mom looks prettiest when she wears: Princess dresses.”

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    This is the best Father’s Day Roundup I’ve seen yet! Thanks for including my basket- your site is adorable!

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