Do you have jute cord at your house {sisal twine is also very similar}? If not, you need to get some, pronto. Preferably in several different thicknesses. A lot of people just think of rugs when they think of jute, but you can do so many things with it. {For lots of ideas, check out my Jute, Sisal and Hemp Pinterest board.}

Learn how to make an easy knotted jute rosette

One super-cute thing you can do is make these easy knotted jute rosettes. And when I say easy, I mean crazy easy. Like if you can tie a knot, you can make these. I used a thick jute cord {about 1/4″ in diameter}. You can do it with thinner cord, but it’s a little harder and you’ll be tying a lot more knots, so I’d suggest starting with thick cord until you’re comfortable making them.

I have pictures of each step below. While this rosette is really easy to make, it can be a little hard to explain with just pictures and words, so I also included a short video so you can see how it’s done.

Learn how to make an easy knotted jute rosette1. Tie a knot in the middle of a length of jute cord. How long depends on how big you want your rosette. You can just leave it on the spool at first and cut it down when you’re happy with the size.

2. Tie another knot the opposite way, pulling it tight and flattening it out. Basically, with each new knot you tie, you’re tying around the knots you just tied. See video for more detail.

3 – 5. Continue tying knots around your existing knots, making sure to keep it flattened out.

6 – 7. When you get your rosette the size you want it, glue the ends to the back and clip off. 

8. This is what the back will look like.

9. Your pretty new jute rosette!

Learn how to make an easy knotted jute rosette

I used my rosette on a white pumpkin. I just wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon {check out this great tutorial for how to make your own burlap ribbon} around the pumpkin and used straight pins to secure it. Then I made a little pleated burlap flower and pinned that to the pumpkin and this rosette on top. 

What is your favorite thing to make with jute?

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