10 Amazing Sewing Projects

Happy New Year, again! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year’s! We had an amazing time. We had family in and out for most of the break, which was so much fun — but I will admit, it’s also fun to be back to not having guests and getting back to normal. You know, as normal as things get in this house. Which isn’t very.

Anyway, Santa was super good to me this year, and one of my favorite gifts I got was a brand spankin’ new sewing machine. Yay! My old sewing machine was a super inexpensive, basic Brother machine. It worked {most of the time}, but it was totally bare bones. My new one is the Singer Fashion Mate 7256 {It even SOUNDS fancy, doesn’t it?!?}

It has 70 different stitches, including little teeny tiny tulips, leaves and stars. No idea what on earth I will use these for, but trust me, I am going to find something, because they’re the cutest thing ever. 

So I have been scouring Pinterest to figure out what the heck I am going to sew now. {I have been pinning tons of sewing projects to my Stuff I Want to Sew board, so be sure to follow me to see all the fun stuff I’m finding!}

A collection of 10 amazing sewing projects for your home, your kids and you!

I decided I’d share 10 of my favorite sewing projects here, so you can see what I’ll be up to over the next few months, and maybe you’ll be inspired to sew up a project or two of your own!

NOTE: I have compiled these projects from some of my favorite blogs and websites. To pin any of these individual projects, please click on the link below each photo and pin from the original source. To pin the entire collection, use the photo above. Thank you!

Rollie Pollie from Dana Made It

Now. There’s a story with this one. {Of course there is, because I have a story for everything. That’s just how I roll.} I actually bought this pattern about a year and a half ago from Dana, and I made the insert. Then… *crickets* Yeah. I never actually got around to making the slipcover of it, which is really the whole point of the thing. I have a ton of excuses {didn’t buy enough fabric, then couldn’t find more of that fabric, then wasn’t thrilled with the stuffing I used, I’m a lazy piece of garbage…}, but I really am going to finish the slipcover. Really.


Crayon Art Folio from Gingercake Patterns

I’ve posted about Gingercake Patterns before, and I cannot wait to make something else of Virginia’s. Her patterns are super easy to follow, and they are way too cute. I think I might make one for each of the boys — they’ll be great to keep in the car and/or take to restaurants and other places to keep them occupied.

 Pleated Tote Bag from The Long Thread

I love the look of this bag {and as an aside, the gingko leaf fabric is to DIE for. Seriously. Want it.}, and the instructions look really easy. It’s a fantastic extra-tote-bag-that’s-cute-enough-to-be-used-as-a-purse bag. That’s a technical term.


Reusable Lined Snack Baggie from Happy Hour Projects

For whatever reason, Mason is suddenly very much into eating snacks out of little baggies. Which means that we go through approximately 42 of them a day {not really, but it’s a lot}. I love the idea of these reusable ones — they’d be great for school lunches too. Plus, the lining is made of something that I think most of us have bajillions of lying around the house. These would be great to make in a slightly larger size in the summer for swimsuit bags too. 


Fabric Alphabet from Handmade in the Heartland

I absolutely love these. They are so colorful and fun. Mason is so into the alphabet right now, and I think these might be a fun way to use some of my fancy-pants stitches.


Round-bottomed Fabric Buckets from Film in the Fridge

Is there anyone out there who couldn’t use more storage? Didn’t think so. And is there anyone who wouldn’t want these adorable baskets in their house as said storage? Yeah, didn’t think so about that either. Bonus: They’re a lot easier to make than you’d think!


Fabric Storage Boxes from Make It & Love It 

Pretty much see what I wrote about the fabric baskets above. The same goes for these, except: holy crap, who knew you could make these?!?!?


Patchwork Picnic Blanket from Centsational Girl

As I’m typing this, there’s several inches of snow on the ground outside and a wind chill of 18 degrees. So you can’t blame me for wanting to think about spring and having picnics. I love everything about this blanket — the gorgeous colors, the ties to help you keep it together once it’s rolled up, and the fact that it’s waterproof! And my mom will be so proud of me, because it’s almost sort of like I’m quilting. But without actually having any quilting talent whatsoever. Score!


Pleated Cuffs from Every Creative Endeavor 

I pinned these cuffs over a year ago, and have still yet to make them. While this is not shocking, it’s a little bit sad, because they take probably 15 minutes, tops. I even got some of these same scrapbook flowers from Pick Your Plum {again, probably about a year ago}, and yet I have not made them. This is a sad state of affairs, and I feel as though I need to remedy this, stat. So I’m going to.


Ruffle Necktie Tee from McKell’s Closet

Do I even need to comment any further on this? It’s a plain old t-shirt that you can turn into something beyond words amazing. With a necktie. That you can get at a thrift shop. This is f-ing awesome. {Ha! I crack myself up. Bet Macklemore never thought he’d be quoted on a craft blog…} But SERIOUSLY. I am in love.

What about you? Do you have any projects lined up to complete this year?

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    Hey Jenn! I was searching in Google for sewing projects and found this article. Thanks for compiling this list of projects. My favorite ones are fabric alphabet and fabric storage boxes.


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    Love all of these! Thank you for sharing. I really love the rollie pollie!

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