A FROZEN Day of Fun

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So my kids had no school on Tuesday. “Why?” you ask? Well, because our town had turned into a frozen tundra.


Yeah. That says the windchill was -36. MINUS THIRTY-SIX. Seriously. There is clearly no earthly way that I was going to leave the house {and honestly, the only reason I even got out of my pajamas is because our new microwave was being delivered and I didn’t want to frighten the delivery guy}.

So we had a FROZEN day of fun. 

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN.Source

Have you seen FROZEN the movie? If you haven’t, you need to. Like, today. It’s amazing. I love Disney movies, and I am pretty certain that this is my favorite Disney movie of all time. I feel like unless they’re specifically made for boys, like Planes or Cars, Disney movies often are thought to be geared toward girls, but FROZEN really wasn’t. I took David and Connor to see it last week, and they absolutely loved it. At one point, Connor was laughing so hard and so loudly that the people behind us were laughing at him instead of the actual movie.

So when I was given the opportunity to go to Walmart and check out some FROZEN merchandise and the Subway Fresh Fit for Kids meal, I totally jumped at the chance. And what better day to play with all our new FROZEN gear than a snow day during a polar vortex?? It was fate, I tell ya, fate.

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #shop #cbias

Walmart has an amazing selection of FROZEN toys, books and clothing. The little nightgowns that look like the sisters’ dresses were the cutest thing ever {sadly, I don’t think my boys would have been fans}.

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

And I pretty much would have died for this Castle & Ice Palace Playset when I was little. But again, not so much for my boys. {I briefly considered just getting it for myself but then realized that might be a tad on the creepy side, so I nixed that idea.}

So we picked out a huge assortment of fun stuff that was slightly more appropriate for boys.

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shopMason is a huge fan of the coloring books, and was so excited that the one came with crayons {“Those crayons just for me!!”}. He also loves the Anna’s Friends book, because, like every other almost-3-year-old on the planet, he’s all over anything that makes noise.

The Disney FROZEN My Busy Book includes a storybook, 12 figurines and a playmat with four different scenes from the movie. Connor and Mason especially loved trying to put all of the figurines in the “proper” places. {Although, much to Connor’s chagrin, Mason hasn’t yet seen the movie and kept moving things around and putting things in crazy places, like the snow monster in the castle. Connor was not amused.}

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

David’s favorite item by FAR was the soundtrack. During our FROZEN day of fun, we listened to it at least seven times, and we have now had it on repeat for three straight days. The weird thing is, I’m not sick of it yet. The music is amazing. {Who knew Kristen Bell could sing like that?!?} Listening to an 8-year-old belt out “Let It Go” is beyond-words awesome.

We also pre-ordered the Blu-ray + DVD, which I didn’t even know was an option. All you have to do is pick up a pre-purchase card in the Movies & Entertainment section at Walmart and redeem the included code online. Once the movie is released, it will be mailed directly to your home. And, as a bonus, you get a free movie admission to FROZEN or any other Disney movie, as well as a digital copy of the movie. We’re counting down the days until March 18.

The boys were so excited that we got to try out the FROZEN-themed Subway Fresh Fit for Kids meals, because they think that building their own sandwich is the coolest thing ever, and they love getting apples and chocolate milk as part of their meal.

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

Subway Walmarts are the only place where you can get the free Olaf keychain as well as the FROZEN-themed reusable bags. David immediately put his keychain onto his backpack, and reports that he’s gotten a lot of compliments on it at school. {3rd graders are a discerning bunch.}

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

In addition to the Subway meals, we also had a few other fun FROZEN-themed treats. David was so excited when I told him the night before what was happening the next day that he came up with a plan for breakfast. {This kid is obsessed with cooking and all things food-related.} He created “FROZEN placemats” for everyone out of construction paper and Cheerios and served yogurt on the side {“because it’s cold and kinda looks like snow.” Um, yeah…}

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

They had some “Olaf’s noses” {Connor’s idea} for their mid-morning snack.

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop


We made powdered sugar donut Olafs {with pretzel arms, chocolate chip eyes and buttons and a gummy orange slice nose} for a snack in the afternoon, and we also made some fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream.

A #FrozenFun snow day with toys, books, and music from the movie FROZEN. #cbias #shop

This was by far the best snow day we’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to have another one soon. {Ok, that’s not entirely true. I really, REALLY need them to go to school. But this day was awesome.}

Have you seen FROZEN? What did you think? 










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  • Kelly @eclecticmommy
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    I can’t even imagine that kind of cold. Desert girl here. I need to check my store for the pre order. When I did my shop they hadn’t received theirs yet.

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  • Sara @ Mom Endeavors
    January 21, 2014 at 2:09 am

    That is definitely a #FrozenFun day! My boys LOVE the soundtrack & would have loved those treats too! 🙂 #client

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