Whenever I go to a city with real stores, I make sure I go to Anthropologie. Mainly to just look and drool and shop their clearance section though, because I’m not, you know, a bajillionaire. 

I also look at their website at least once a week, because it is such an amazing source of inspiration. It was on one of these recent inspiration-seeking missions that I spotted this pillow. {You might notice that it’s the same pillow that inspired this printable!}

Learn how to make this $198 Anthropologie heart pillow for less than $10!

No, your eyes did not deceive you. That pillow is in fact $198. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. FOR A PILLOW. The chair I’d put it on didn’t even cost $198! 

So naturally I needed to figure out a way to make it myself. And I did.

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

It was definitely time-consuming sewing all those hearts, but I absolutely love how it turned out. {I did, however, realize a few slight changes I’d make next time, and I will note those as I go.}

I just used two different colors of linen — the darker one cost me about $6, and the lighter one was a remnant I found for about $3.50. And I just used an old, ugly pillow I had on hand for the insert, so the whole thing cost me less than $10. Way better than $200, in my opinion. 95% off is a discount I can get behind.

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

The case itself is just an envelope pillow cover, so that means no zippers! Yay! {Zippers scare me.}

Before you start, you need to prewash both fabrics. I know I’ve said before that I don’t have the patience to prewash fabrics, but again for this one, you’re going to need to because you’ll be washing it once you have the hearts sewn on, and you don’t want it to shrink then. 

Once you’ve washed, dried and ironed your fabric, cut out your pillow pieces from the darker linen. To make sure you have a nice, fluffy pillow, cut your front piece to the exact measurements of your pillow form. Mine was 18″ square, so I cut an 18″ square for the front. For the back, you want to cut two pieces that are the same width as the front. To figure out the length measurements, add 6″ to the length of the front, then divide by two. For my pillow, it was: 18″ + 6″ = 24″ ÷ 2 = 12″. So that means I cut two pieces of the darker linen to 18″ x 12″. 

Learn how to make a knock-off pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10! Their version is $198!!

Now you need to cut a crapload of various-sized hearts. I ended up with 39 on mine, but I’d probably do a few more on my next one. The easiest way to do this {If you don’t have a Silhouette or other cutting machine} is to cut out a couple of different sized hearts from paper the way you did when you were in elementary school. Once you have a few different sized heart templates {I used four different sizes}, then just fold your lighter colored fabric over just enough to fit the template, and start cutting. 

When you have enough hearts, start laying them out on your pillow front. If I were to make this again, I’d put them even closer than I did, because they shrink up a lot when you fray them. 

Once you have them where you want them, you want to do something to make them stay there so you can sew them on. This time, I used small pieces of iron-on interfacing, making sure that the edges of the hearts weren’t stuck down so they’d fray properly. However, next time I think it would be easier just use a dot of fabric glue in the center of each heart. You could also tack them down with a couple of large stitches in the center that you remove later.

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

Now comes the rather time-consuming part: sewing all those hearts. I loved how the Anthropologie pillow was sewn with contrasting thread, so I used navy, but if you’d prefer a more monochromatic look, you could use white or off-white. Just sew around each heart, about 1/4″ in from the edge. Sewing around some of the smaller hearts can be a bit tricky — if you’re having trouble, here is a great video tutorial that shows you a few tips. Be sure to backstitch a couple of times at the beginning and end of each heart so that the stitches don’t unravel when you wash the cover.

Once you have all your hearts sewn, use a light-colored thread to do a quick seam around the entire front piece, about 1/8″ in from the edge so that it doesn’t fray when you wash it. Then wash and dry the front piece again. When you get it out of the dryer, your hearts will all be beautifully frayed!

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

You’re almost done! All you have to do now is make the actual pillow cover. Take your two 18″ x 12″ back pieces and iron a 1/2″ hem along one of the longer sides of each piece. Then sew a straight seam along the fold.

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

Place your front piece down on your work surface, right side UP. Place one of your back pieces right side DOWN so that the hem you just sewed goes across the middle of the front piece. Place your second back piece right side DOWN on top of the first one, again so the hem goes across the middle. Your two back pieces will be overlapped.

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

Pin all the way around the pillow cover, and trim the back pieces if necessary. {My front piece shrunk a bit when I washed it the second time, so the back pieces were a bit wider than the front.} 

Now, just sew all the way around the entire pillow case. Turn it right side out, stuff in your pillow insert, and you’re done! 


I just love it — it turned out exactly how I saw it in my head, which, let me tell you, is not necessarily a given with me. {And if you’re wondering, that orange pillow is from my amazing friend Amy at Mindfully Made Studios!} 

Learn how to make this $198 heart pillow from Anthropologie for less than $10!

You tell me: Do you shop at Anthropologie, or do you use it more as a source of inspiration, like I do??


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66 thoughts on “Knock-off Anthropologie Heart Pillow

  1. Ginny

    Fantastic idea and such a great tutorial! I’ve been trying to decide on throw pillows for my sofa and this just moved to the top of the list. Thanks for sharing your creativity 🙂


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  3. Jessica

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I adore Anthro, but I can never bring myself to actually pay for their items! I will definitely be adding this to my crafting list. Thanks for sharing! #SITSblogging


  4. cori warner

    This pillow is too adorable! I’d like to try in on burlap, I think! I’d love it if you would share your project on my new link party, DIY:Done! at FlyingC-DIY.com. The party is open through Sunday, and every weekend. Hope to see you there!


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  6. Natalie

    Charleston just got an Anthropologie, and I love going in there to look at the beautiful things they have. However, actually buying anything isn’t going to happen–I don’t have Anthropologie money!! I love your knock-off pillow, and it looks every inch as adorable as the original!


  7. Judy

    I have sewn many pillows but none like this. It’s great, have never seen a similar one. (We don’t have Anthro stores here.) I will definitely be trying this, and yes, I always preshrink my fabric. After doing all that work I don’t want the finished product to shrink when I take it off for laundering after the cat barfs on it!


  8. Meeghan

    I am so impressed! It is a amazing what you can do to save some money…. ! I wish I had such a wonderful talent. Perhaps some day when the kids are older -I can start to pick up a new hobby! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  9. Angie Young

    Great job on your pillow. It looks just like the $200 pillow. But to me it would be worth so much more because you put your blood sweat and tears into it. I’m not a sewer but I think given the wonderful instructions your typed out, that even I could make this pillow. But me being me, the colors would be bright and vivid.


  10. Tink

    Have never shopped at Anthropologie nor have I looked at their website, but we have quite a few like-stores around the area. You did a wonderful job of making a knock-off of their pillow and your instructions are very easy to read. Maybe I can get around to making one for my daughter.


  11. Lalia @ Found Frolicking

    I’m with you! I ADORE Anthropologie, but unless something I like is (miraculously) in the sale section, I just cannot afford it. Since we live off less than $4k a month, though, it’s not like I’m in their main demographic.

    I wonder what the cost of making the pillow is after factoring in time, though? As you mentioned, it was time-consuming to sew on all those little hearts (I don’t even want to know how much time it would take without a sewing machine). Do you think there’s a different fabric that may fray only a little so the hearts look like the Anthropologie pillow on the corners? This is such a cute project, it’s actually making me think of FINALLY trying to figure out how to use my antique sewing machine!!!


  12. stacey

    I absolutely LOVE this! I’m trying to concur my fear of the sewing machine and this project looks fairly easy. {I’m seriously squealing inside right now}

    Thanks so the great tutorial and inspiration!


  13. Katherine Petrunia

    I love this project! I’m like you- love Anthropologie, but not their prices. But they definitely make for some great inspiration. The pillow you made turned out beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other projects you have done. 🙂


  14. vwbug

    We have Anthropologie in our mall. Love browsing there… but not buying. I have 3 old purple throw pillows that might be getting a makeover soon. You have nice easy directions and I appreciate that.


  15. Shirley Wood

    Your pillow turned out great. It isn’t possible to really tell much difference. I love the hearts, it is so adorable. I could not even imagine spending $200 on a throw pillow!


  16. Tamara

    I can’t even imagine paying that amount for a pillow! Really? I’ve never heard of Anthropologie either. You did a great job on your knockoff pillow!


  17. Megin

    Adorable, Jenn! I love the frayed edges. I can tell this was a lot of work ~ great job. Your copy and the original are really hard to tell apart!
    ~ Megin of VMG206


    1. Megin

      Thank you for sharing this at DIY Showcase on VMG206. I’m featuring your post tomorrow in my DIY Pillow Round Up!
      ~ Megin of VMG206


  18. Nicole

    You are one talented lady–sewing is my kryptonite.
    I really like how you saw something in the store and then made it on your own terms–love the possibilities–like possibly personalizing it!
    Thank you.


  19. Marisa Slusarcyk

    WOW 200 for a pillow! Yours looks amazing, I say make a few and sell em on Etsy for 100 a piece! LOL Awesome instructions. I haven’t sewn in quite awhile and I need some new pillows. Hmm… thanks for the idea!


  20. Christina

    I think your version actually looks better! I like it with a bit of space around the hearts, and finished, it looks like it is an even better quality product.


  21. Jacquie

    I think I may try to make this but instead of hearts I will do squares and rectangles…that way it is not just for a season…I realize hearts can be for anytime…but I thought maybe squares and rectangles would look neat too! I sure do LOVE the way yours looks!!


  22. Always Reiding

    We’re in the wrong business, I am with Marisa.
    $200 for a pillow sounds excessive, and I live in Southern California.

    I agree–you should try to put your own spin on them and sell them on etsy.

    I, however, am not a gifted seamstress.


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  30. Mary

    I loved this pillow so much that I attempted to make it. My fabric (100% linen) wouldn’t fray around the hearts like yours. It only frayed a little bit. Any suggestions?


    1. Jenn Post author

      Hmm… maybe you sewed a little closer to the edge than I did, so that there wasn’t enough room for the fabric to fray a whole lot? Because they’ll only fray up to the point where you sewed. If that’s not it, are you able to wash it again, or did you put it all together already? If you can wash it again, you could try to pull some of the threads around the edge of the hearts to get them started a little before you wash them. Hopefully it still looks great even though it’s not as frayed as mine!
      Jenn recently posted…Bathroom Cleaning Made EasyMy Profile


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