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Potty training. 

Those two words are enough to strike fear in any parent’s heart. Even if you’re tackling this for the third time, like I am, the thought of dealing with all those tears, accidents and messes can make you want to curl up in a ball in the corner. 

Which is why I am so excited to announce that I have been selected as a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador! Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that I’ve learned during the process of potty training all three of the boys, as well as chronicling Mason’s potty training journey.

Even though it’s no picnic, Pull-Ups® training pants can make the process easier in a number of ways. If you’re not familiar with them, Pull-Ups® are for toddlers who are ready to begin the potty training process. They are designed to look and feel more like underwear than diapers, but they’re still absorbent enough that you don’t have to worry about accidents.

When we first attempted to potty train Mason, it was rough. I would sit him on the potty when we woke up in the morning and naps, and judging from the screaming that would ensue, it was as though I were trying to subject him to some type of medieval torture device. Every so often he would go, but a lot of time he would pee in his diaper within minutes of getting off the potty. I was ready to tear my hair out, and I couldn’t handle the tantrums anymore, so I gave up and decided to try again in a few months.

He’s lucky he’s cute.


See? It’s hard to stay frustrated with someone with that face. And fashion sense.

When we tried the first time, I wish I would have known about the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy. It’s such an amazing site that offers a ton of potty training tools and resources. You can create a personalized, custom potty chart that includes your child’s name, goals and rewards for reaching those milestones. And, as a bonus for Mason, who loves himself some Mickey Mouse, you can choose from Mickey or Minnie.

Create a personalized potty training chart at the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy! #sponsored #MC

You can schedule real phone calls to your child from Mike or Sulley from Monsters, Inc. that remind them to take a potty break, or you can create a simulated phone call from Finn McMissile, Mater, Minnie or Cinderella.

Create a personalized potty training chart and more at the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy! #sponsored #MC

And for parents, there are a ton of articles that touch on topics ranging from general advice, to how to tell if your child is ready for potty training, to training your child while you and your spouse are working.

So if you’re currently potty training your child or will be sometime soon, definitely check out Big Kid Academy, as well as their Facebook page and Twitter feed for tips, tricks and advice. And stay tuned for more information on my experience potty training Mason over the next few weeks!

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