Tips and Tricks for Tackling Potty Training with Pull-Ups

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So I’ve been a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador for a couple of months now {you can see my previous posts here and here}, and I am so excited to say that Mason is completely potty trained, both during daytime and nighttime.

Everyone is so pleased about this. Obviously, it’s fabulous not to have to change diapers anymore — especially because I had been changing them for almost 8 1/2 straight years, with one little 6-month break in there between Connor being potty trained and Mason being born. We’re going to the shore for 3 weeks this summer and doing a couple of other little weekend trips here and there, and it’s going to be so phenomenal to not have to pack diapers. 

But even more than that, Mason is so excited to be such a big boy. We’ve gotten to the point where he doesn’t even always tell us that he has to go potty; every once in a while, we’ll hear the toilet flush and realize that he just got up and went on his own. And let me tell you, he is one proud little man when this happens.

If you’re going through potty training right now, or will be soon, I know it can be really scary and intimidating. Heck, this was my 3rd time doing it and I was still freaked out by the process!

I am certainly no expert, but I do have a few tips to share. Again, as I said in my last Pull-Ups post, it’s important to find what works for you and your child. But if you’re stuck or just don’t even know where to start, these tricks might help out.

First, you need to make sure your child is ready. Kids develop at all different speeds — even siblings aren’t always ready for potty training at the same age — and just because you’re ready for them to be out of diapers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. If you’re not sure, the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy website has some great resources available, including articles {did you know that there are 10 signs you can look for to see if your child is ready to be potty trained? Neither did I!} and a quiz you can take to help you figure it out.

Is your child ready for potty training? Learn the 10 signs of readiness.

Second, decide on a game plan. For us, it was just sticking Mason right in underwear and letting him learn on his own that it feels really yucky to go potty in them. Other people let their kids run around naked, and still others find that Pull-Ups are the way to go. Are you going to teach them to use the big potty right away, or are you going to use a potty seat? It might take you a couple of tries to figure out what’s going to work, but once you do, stick to that plan. Consistency is key.

Pull-Ups recently announced a new partnership with The First Years, a maker of potty training systems and seats. The First Years offers a range of different potty training systems and seats, even some decorated with Disney characters to help make potty training as fun as possible! If you decide to go the potty seat route, definitely check these out, because with the purchase of a specialty potty system from The First Years, you will also get a free sample pack of Pull-Ups Training Pants. Trust me, you can never have too many Pull-Ups.

Third, decide on a reward system. Are you going to use a potty chart? Stickers? M&Ms? Little toys? A call from their favorite Disney character? Again, this may take some trial and error to find out what they really want. Connor would do anything in the world for stickers, but Mason could not have cared less about them. 

Fourth, find a good support system. Potty training can take a while, and it’s not always fun {I mean, does anyone really look forward to cleaning up accidents??}. On the Pull-Ups Facebook page, you can get advice and connect with other parents who are going through exactly what you are. Sometimes it just helps to commiserate with others. You can also follow Pull-Ups on Twitter to get the latest product news, special coupons and potty training tips.

The Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy website has a ton of tools and resources for helping you potty train your child! #CelebrateFirstFlush #MC #Sponsored


Finally, make use of the resources out there. The Pull-Ups Big Kid App is available on Apple and Android smart phones and allows kids to earn stars and play fun games as they reach various milestones in their potty training journey. Mason went bananas over the Mickey Mouse games {naturally}.

Whatever you do, don’t let potty training get you down. Even if you feel like your kid is probably going to be wearing diapers to his or her senior prom, just know that there are other people out there going through exactly what you are — or they might even have it worse! 

You tell me: What are your tips and tricks for parents dealing with potty training?

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