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Happy Monday, everyone! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and a very happy Father’s Day. We had so much fun yesterday — we hiked to the top of Mt. Nittany, which was amazing. I was so proud of all of my boys; Mason even made it without us carrying him, and a lot of the spots are really, really steep. Then we came home and Dave and David worked together to make dinner {D came up with a pasta salad recipe on his own — it was so good I’m going to be posting it later this week!}, played outside and had just an all-around fabulous day. 

But now it’s back to work. Once again, we had an amazing Eat. Create. Party! this past Thursday. I always have such a hard time picking only a few favorite posts, so this week I decided to go with a theme and feature some of these amazing berry recipes.

12 Delicious Berry Recipes from Eat. Create. Party!

There’s just something about berry recipes that feels so summery. Plus, I always say if there’s fruit in a recipe, then that automatically means it’s healthy. So giddyap.

Enjoy, and grab a button if you were featured!

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I am so intrigued by this Raspberry Magic Custard Cake from Baking a Moment. The batter apparently looks like such a mess that you’re going to be convinced you did something wrong, but then it turns into the gorgeous confection you see above. I am totally trying this sometime soon.



These Triple Berry Scones from Tastes of Lizzy T look absolutely heavenly. I’ve never made scones before, because I was a little intimidated, but Julie and Maddie make it seem really easy. Plus, look how fun and patriotic these are! I think I might be making these for breakfast on the 4th of July…



I was totally cracking up at Eric’s post for this Strawberry Milkshake on Happy Valley Chow, because he talks about how he and his wife love McDonalds strawberry shakes, and then he says, “yeah that’s right, we eat at McDonalds, and we’re proud of it!” I will gladly admit that the day McDonalds starts serving their Shamrock Shakes is one of the happiest days of my year. So it’s ok, buddy. We feel ya.



I had never heard of a Nuts & Berries Cocktail before I saw this post from DIY Budget Girl, but I am going to have to try this out. I mean, it’s just raspberry liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, milk or cream and ice. Easy, refreshing and so delicious sounding! I bet this would be amazing with pureed berries as well! 



I love compound butters. It’s bananas to me how you can just mix a couple of things into plain ole butter and turn it into some super fancy-pants. Like this Whipped Blackberry Honey Butter from This Silly Girl’s Life. This would be so delicious on toast, scones, pancakes, anything. And whatever you use it on, you can be sure it will end up a lot more fancified than it was when it started!



I literally just yesterday made a dessert very similar to these Red White & Blueberry Pie Bars from Kleinworth & Co. Except mine were just blueberry and they didn’t have the white chocolate drizzle on top. And I’m not sure why, because these look amazing. You also have to check out the 110-blogger round up of red, white and blue ideas that this recipe was a part of! There are so many fun recipes and projects in there!



I can honestly say that, despite the fact that I have made approximately 1,483,962 cookies in my life, I have never used strawberries in them. A fact about which I am now, after seeing these Strawberry & White Chocolate Cookies from Annie’s Noms, utterly horrified. This needs to be remedied, stat.



Speaking of cookies, I have a challenge for you. Take a gander at these Lemon Blackberry Cake Cookies from A Little Claireification and see if you can stop your mouth from watering. I didn’t think so.




I grew up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania. The kind of town where people called my dad Joey, because he grew up there too, and that’s what they’d been calling him since he was 2. And the kind of town where one of the churches held regular strawberry socials during the summer, where the ladies from the church would bake all the biscuits and everyone would come and sit at these big, long tables together — before community tables were cool. Anyway, this whole rambling story was meant to say that this Brown Sugar Strawberry Shortcake from Your Homebased Mom looks amazing and made me super nostalgic.




What is it about lemon that makes it so unbelievably delicious with blueberry? It’s one of those flavor combinations that just works together, all of the time, every time. Which is why I am in love with the idea of this Lemon-Buttermilk Pie with Blueberries from About a Mom. I think it sounds like an almost perfect summertime dessert.



Finally, I have one more strawberry shortcake recipe for you. How smart is this Strawberry Shortcake Trifle from Cupcakes & Kale Chips? This is so much easier when you’re serving a large number of people. Those church ladies I talked about earlier could have learned a thing or two here…



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