Christmas Pajamas: A Family Tradition

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This post is sponsored by Joe Boxer available at Kmart. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.

As I’ve mentioned before, Christmas is my very favorite holiday. And one of my favorite things about Christmas is tradition. 

We have a bunch of traditions in our house, but the one I like the best is one we started our very first Christmas after David was born: Christmas pajamas.

Every year on Christmas Eve, after we sing Christmas carols and see Santa come through the neighborhood on a fire truck {seriously. I love this town.}, we open up a new pair of pajamas and wear them to bed that night. That way, when we wake upon Christmas morning, we all look halfway decent {at least from a pj standpoint; I can’t make any promises about my hair or face} and not like the ragamuffins we usually look like in the morning. 

Here are some of our Christmas pajamas over the years.


2008: This picture just makes me laugh. David is trying so hard to smile and pose nicely, and there’s Connor, running in from the side with belly on full display.



2009: This was a memorable year because, see those cute little Elmo jammies Connor was wearing? Yeah, I forgot to make sure that both pieces were the same size. {Spoiler alert: they weren’t.} So there we were, at 9:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, trying to get tiny little Con Man ready for bed, when I discovered that the top was a size 2T {this was good} and the bottoms were a size 4T {this was not good}. Safety pins and rolling waistbands were involved, and all turned out ok.


See? Cutest picture ever.



2010: I have no idea what is happening here, so I will just move on to 2011.



2011: Mason joined the party this year, and rocked some beyond-words-cute reindeer bum jammies. 


2012: Again, no idea what is happening here. And judging from the look on Mason’s face, neither does he.



2013: Too bad our Christmas cards had already gone out when this picture was taken, because I think this one was a keeper. {That’s my niece Abigail in there too. Normally, she’s quite the cutie.}

Anyways. You can tell Christmas pajamas are a big deal in our house, so I usually try to start thinking about them early, because: a. kids’ Christmas pajamas tend to sell out super early {hence the non-Christmasy nature of several of the jammies in the photos above}, and b. it can be crazy hard to find fun Christmas pajamas for men. I was having all sorts of issues with this this year {hi, my name is Jenn and I’m a giant slacker}, and then I saw one of those holiday commercials that I look forward to every year: Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart. Specifically, one called Jingle Bellies.

YES. These are so darn hilarious, I can’t even stand it. The bells at the end are my favorite. Of course I had to then look at what other ads they had going on, and I stumbled upon this one, called Santa Baby.

When I stopped laughing about the ads, I spent for-freaking-ever online checking out everything Joe Boxer available at Kmart

Here are my favorites for men:

5 hilarious pairs of men's Christmas pajamas. #ShowYourJoe #Sway

1. Time to Get Elf’d Up // 2. Moosestache // 3. Ugly Christmas Pants // 4. Snowman Getting Robbed // 5. Naughty is the New Nice 

{Since I assume Dave does in fact read this blog from time to time, I will not comment on which of these I purchased for him this year.}



Even though Dave usually buys for me, I saw these two pairs of women’s pajamas {Chill and Cupcakes} and had to get them for myself. You know, in case he messes up in some way when he’s buying mine. Although he never has, ever. He’s pretty much the world’s best shopper. Whatever. A girl can never have too many jammies, amiright?

How many of you have Christmas traditions? Do you do Christmas pajamas, or something different? I want to hear about them! {Quite possibly so I can steal your ideas. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.}

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