Burlap Bunny Sign

I know I’ve said it a few times now, but I seriously cannot believe that Sunday is already Easter. 

I have been woefully behind in sharing Easter projects this year, so I wanted to share a project I did last year for Say Not Sweet Anne.

I love this little guy, and he makes me happy when I look at him!

I had been looking on Pinterest for some fun Easter ideas when I saw this tutorial on Eclectically Vintage for a burlap bunny table runner. I mean, come on with that cuteness.

But while I loved the idea, I didn’t really have a need for an Easter table runner. I was, however, in the process of doing my Easter mantel, so I immediately thought of using the same idea to do a burlap bunny sign.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute and such an easy Easter project!

And look at how ridiculously adorable he turned out. I love his little fluffy tail, I just want to pat it every time I see him.

Now, when I start a project, I almost always have the whole thing planned out in my head. And sometimes, it ends up going exactly how I thought it would.

This was not one of those projects. This was one of those times where I changed my mind to something completely different at pretty much every step of the process. Learn while you go, people. That’s how I roll.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute, and is such an easy Easter project!

I printed out a bunny outline that I found online, cut it out and then traced around it on a piece of burlap with a black Sharpie. I then used a foam brush and some black fabric paint to fill in the bunny outline. Make sure you work on a piece of scrap paper, because the paint goes right through the burlap. I also found that brushing the paint on didn’t really work, it was much easier to dab it on. You can see that there were a few funky spots along the edges that didn’t really get fully filled it with the paint, so I just went back over those with the Sharpie.

I had originally planned to frame the little guy, but I didn’t have a frame I really liked for this project, so I checked out my “random stuff stash” {i.e., “junk I have stashed in the garage that makes my husband want to kick me out of the house”} to see what I could use instead. I discovered an old cutting board that I had gotten at Goodwill for about $2. {I snatch up cutting boards pretty much every time I see them, because you can use them for so many different things.} I decided to glue him onto that instead.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute, and is such an easy Easter project!

I wanted to make it look a little bit weathered, so I started off by spray painting just the edges of the cutting board black. Once that dried — and I realize that this may make you may think that I am a lunatic, but just go with me here — I rubbed lip balm all around the edges.

Seriously, lip balm. Again, just go with me. I promise you that it will all make sense in a minute.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute, and is such an easy Easter project!

I sprayed it again with a cream spray paint, but I wanted to sand the edges down so that it looks all cool and shabby and you could see the black paint sticking through. The lip balm {I’ve also heard of people using Vaseline, but I just used what I had on hand — although you obviously want to use a lip balm that you don’t actually use for your lips} prevents the cream paint from sticking, so it’s super easy, once that top layer of paint is dry, to sand it down to see the black underneath. I didn’t even have to use sandpaper, I just used a paper towel to wipe off the cream paint.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute, and is such an easy Easter project!

Here’s another “I thought I would … but then I …” moment. Two of them, actually. I had planned on gluing the whole burlap piece down, but I remembered what a hot mess I made while I was painting it, so I busted out some decorative nails and planned to tack it on that way.

Except apparently this cutting board is made of pure steel, or titanium, or diamonds or something, because I could not for the life of me pound these nails into it. Those bad boys were going nowhere. So I switched it up yet again hot glued just the corners of the burlap and then used pliers to remove the nail part from the head and hot glued the nail heads on each of the corners.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute, and is such an easy Easter project!

At that point I realized I didn’t have any yarn to do a pom pom tail {awesome planning on my part}, but then I found a whole bag of marabou puffs that I had leftover from my hair bow-making days. I liked how the pink gave it a tiny splash of color.

This burlap bunny sign is so cute, and is such an easy Easter project!

So there you have it. My super cute little bunny sign, inspired by Eclectically Vintage.

I love him so much that I’m trying to figure out a way to keep him out all year round, but I think that might be weird. Oh well, I’m going to enjoy him while he lasts!

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